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Students have a hands-on experience with soil

This year Marko Luetge has been our landscaping coordinator. He maintains our courtyard, flowers, lawn, and keeps Wingate looking sharp. To support the curriculum of third grade, Mr. Luetge created and maintained the compost pile in our garden. Daily he brings coffee grounds and food scraps with third grade students to keep the compost thriving.
To extend learning, third grade teachers Mrs. Greenwalt and Mrs. Maness created a culminating activity for the soil science unit. Students measured worms, created stories, and made their own compost bins with soda bottles, black paper, rich dirt, and earthworms. Once completed and discoveries were made, students deposited their homemade composts bins into the large compost. Students were able understand and discover the vast impact composting has on our environment.

Written by: Eric Doan
Posted: Jun 04, 2012 by Eric Doan

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