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Mrs. Patterson's class skyping with Cuthbertson High School.

Recently, Mrs. Patterson's second grade class Skyped with Ms. Stacie Thompson at Cuthbertson High School. Mrs. Ms. Thompson's students taught Mrs. Patterson's second graders about Slovakia. Zuzana showed us slides of their government buildings, which reminded us of our Washington, D.C. One slide showed the Queen of England meeting with Slovakia’s President in their capital city, Bratislava. The buildings that Zuzana showed us were “more antique” than those in our country. High on a hill was a pink and blue castle, which is much like our Biltmore House in Asheville. In the castle is the main theatre where not only operas are performed but also PROMS are held! The proms in Slovakia differ from ours in that parents and teachers attend and traditional ballroom music is played at these very formal events. (One slide showed Miley Cyrus visiting in Slovakia with a friend of Zuzana!) In the northern part of Slovakia is the highest point of the country in the rugged Tatra mountain range, which borders Poland. The Danube River flows through the southern part of Slovakia. We saw a slide of their very successful ice hockey team. In 2002 they won the World Ice Hockey Championship in Sweden. There is no problem with obesity in Slovakia because they have a very healthy lifestyle. Most people walk or ride bikes and do not eat fried foods. Dylan asked, “ What kind of healthy food do you eat?” Zuzana answered, “ the same vegetables, fruit, chicken (not fried), rice, fish, potatoes, no microwave dinners.” Jeremy asked, “Do you have cars there?” “Yes, small cars.” Nathan asked, “ Did Slovakia ever have a war with a state or a country?” “Yes, when our country was part of the Soviet Union and fought against Hitler.” “Is Slovakia really fun?” Gregory asked. “Yes! We have a lot of activities, but no sports at school.” Many thanks to Zuzana for our tour of Slovakia! Ms. Thompson's students, Emily and Zuzana, also taught Mrs. Patterson's class the Spanish version of "Old MacDonald." To prepare Ms. Thompson emailed the Spanish words to Mrs. Patterson. Mrs. Patterson made a bulletin board with the Spanish words and stuffed animals with the names of the animals and sounds they make in Spanish.

Written by: Carol Patterson, Second Grade Teacher and Terry Anderson
Posted: Jun 05, 2012 by Terry Anderson

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