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Fifth Grade Wins Global Prize

Our fifth grade team are winners!

Our fifth grade team at Antioch placed second in the Global Educator Challenge for North Carolina. Kanista Zuniga and Julie Keane are part of the Visiting International Faculty program and they awarded our school the runner-up prizes. The prizes are shown in the picture, and include an iTouch, an iTouch tripod, a Logitech webcam, a speaker system, mousepads, and candy. Global Gateway is a component of the VIF program which specializes in professional development for teachers. 


The winning school from Chapel Hill won a trip to Costa Rica.  The students in fifth grade taught lessons, teachers used the message boards to show what was happening throughout the year, which teachers around North Carolina could then access.  Mrs. Christians, our VIF teacher, created a video for the challenge with the students and 5th grade teachers participating.  This is the first year this challenge has been given according to Julie Keane.  Four of the five participating schools came from Union County.  It is Ms. Keane's and Ms. Zuniga's wish that all the schools in Union County with a VIF will take on the challenge for next year.  Ms. Keane said that "she was thrilled to work with such a wonderful crew as our students and faculty".  Ms. Zuniga said that it is her hope that "this project helped provide a global vision for the school."  She also said that she believes the VIF program in general teaches global confidence.

We will utilize these tools next year with our students at Antioch.  Thank you, fifth grade team.

Written by: Kathy Gwinn, media specialist
Posted: Jun 05, 2012 by Kathy Gwinn

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