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Third Grade Learns About China

Third grade students were wisked away to explore China when Amy Crawford presented about her families recent visit. The Crawford family has adopted three children from China. They shared the video of when they arrived to adopt their son Ty. Mrs. Crawford shared some differences between China and the United States. The most interesting were the markets, restrooms, cuisine, and the Great Wall of China. Mrs. Crawford, Kobi, her third grade daughter, and Mena, her adopted daughter brought Chinese lanterns, Chinese writings, intricate Chinese artwork, and a kindergarten school book to share with our students. Kobi shared her personal scrapbook. Her favorite things in China were getting her nails done, having her picture taken with the people of China, and the wish tree. Kobi and Mena came dressed in their favorite Chinese dresses.

Written by: Cassie Sloop
Posted: Jun 05, 2012 by Cassie Sloop

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