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7th Graders Wins Duke TIP Awards

Amber Brown, Logan Allio, Jackson Vines, Savannah Collins, Julia Berardelli - Not pictured: Elizabeth Helms, Rachel High, Justin Archer

Congratulations to the eight seventh grade students from Piedmont Middle School who qualified for State Recognition through Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program).

In the 2012 7th Grade Talent Search, a total of 25,328 students scored well enough to be invited to a State Recognition Ceremony. That figure represents 37 percent of the students who actually tested. In North Carolina, 2,287 students qualified for the State Recognition Ceremony of the 6,404 who tested.

There were four different ceremonies at four different college campuses to accommodate the 2,287 students who qualified for an award in the state of North Carolina.

Written by: Karen Barbee
Posted: Jun 06, 2012 by Karen Barbee

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