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Oh how they've grown!

It’s hard to believe another school year is about to close! There have been so many changes at Union Elementary: administration, staff, grade levels, and, most of all, in the bright, inquisitive children in my class. The students have matured and blossomed over this year emotionally, academically and physically. They have learned to be more independent, work in small groups and become problem solvers. This is so rewarding for Mrs. Stutts and I to see!

Please continue to read daily over the summer to reinforce fluency and comprehension - as reading is the path to understanding and creating life-long learners. Encourage your children to write to a family member or friend and assist them in mailing the letter. Watch how eyes light up when they receive a response. Have your child write down items for your shopping list Review their Math facts and let them count out change or read prices when you shop. If traveling, speed limit signs, license plate numbers (odd/even), and the number of a certain color car can be tallied and compared to a different color car. The shapes of signs can also serve as reinforcement for Geometry , as well as, if they are two or three dimensional shapes. All of these real world activities make learning meaningful for your child and enjoyable for you!

I hope you enjoy seeing how my Fantastic First graders have grown this year as pictures really do speak louder than words! Have a safe and relaxing summer vacation. See you in August!





Written by: Donna Neuberth, 1st Grade Teacher
Posted: Jun 06, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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