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Third Grade and Compost Cake!

Students with their Plant Booklets.

Third graders at Porter Ridge Elementary have been studying soil and plants this year. They have identified components of soil and experimented with different types of soil and the effects it has on plant growth. Students were able to make their own compost bags using decaying plant and animal matter. They were able to observe the changes in the soil as the organic matters broke down the soil and turned it to a dark rich soil ready to use for different vegetable seeds. The students then planted these seeds for their Plant Unit. Students were able to be engaged in investigation and observation of how soil and plants are connected. 

Students then integrated things they were learning in science with an informational writing unit where they researched further using books, computers, and video. Students worked on writing a chapter book on plants and soil. The computer teacher, Mrs. Lisa Smith, teamed up with third grade and students were able to type their books on a Microsoft Word document complete with text features found on Bing images. Ms. Kate Lokash and her class celebrated their writing unit with a time of sharing and compliment giving with a celebratory "compost bucket" cake!


Written by: Kate Lokash
Posted: Jun 07, 2012 by Carol Blackwelder

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