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Pirate Send-Off!

Lady Pirates receiving support from the Elementary students.

Friday, June 1 was an exciting day for the Porter Ridge High School Ladies Softball team. Their progression to the state playoffs was a point of pride for all of the Porter Ridge schools. To show support for our fellow pirates, several of our elementary classes waved the team off as they departed for Raleigh and their final games. 

Students lined the campus to wait for the big white bus with our beloved athletes to make its way down Porter Ridge Drive toward Price Road. Anticipation grew when we actually saw the bus arrive at the high school to load up. The bus was escorted by our resource officer's car with lights flashing, carrying the school principal, Mr. Sam Basden. As the bus rounded the traffic circle and was about to pull onto the straight away, students were surprised to see it stop. The doors swung open and the whole softball team, dressed in purple shirts, exited the bus!

When students realized the team was trotting down Porter Ridge Drive, they held out their right arm and hand for a quick "high five" from each Lady Pirate. Once the team boarded the bus again, it continued on its way, with elementary students waving and shouting as it went by. What a show of support and enthusiasm for our "big sister" pirates! Several of our elementary teachers confided they were touched by the experience and had lumps in their throats and tears in their eyes.

Mr. Basden was very grateful to the elementary school for helping to make the softball team's departure so special. Of the event he said, "I am very excited about the sense of camaraderie among our schools. I truly look forward to more partnerships in the future."
The "icing on the cake" was the next day when it was announced that our Lady Pirates had won!

Written by: Penny Tomberlin
Posted: Jun 12, 2012 by Carol Blackwelder

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