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Kensington's new International Partner School!

Mrs. Carolyn Weston (headmaster at Guestling Primary) and Dr. Clarke spend time together during Mrs. Weston's visit to North Carolina!

 Dr. Clarke traveled to England during the summer of 2011 and spent a day visiting Mrs. Weston and Guestling Primary School. She made a follow up visit during the winter of 2012, and plans were made for students in the schools to start communicating with each other. Each school formed a "Principal's Council", made up of older students. These two groups skyped with each other several times throughout the school year, and created the Memorandum of Understanding between the two schools. Mrs. Weston was able to visit our school during the summer of 2012 and couldn't believe how big it was!

We are excited about seeing our partnership grow and benefit not only our students, but also our staff. Stay tuned!

Written by: Rachel Clarke
Posted: Aug 28, 2012 by Rachel Clarke

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