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We Want Your Batteries!

Please bring in any used batteries! CATA is working together with Interstate Batteries to recycle all different types of batteries. Bring in your dead batteries to Ms. Kopchick. Everyone uses batteries, in your camera, camcorder, remote controls, calculators, power tools, or any portable electronic product, so don’t throw them away, bring them in to be recycled!

Reasons to recycle your batteries:

  • Recycling batteries keeps all hazardous metal in the same place, rather than spreading it all over landfills.
  • Batteries contain chemicals such as lithium, mercury, and lead, which could leach into our water and ecosystem.
  • Most batteries are rechargeable – meaning there is more life to the battery even after you think it is dead.
  • Cost of putting batteries in a landfill is saved.
  • Metals reclaimed from battery recycling are reused and re-manufactured to build more batteries.
  • Also, the plastic recovered from the recycled battery can be reused.
  • Recycling batteries is a good environmental policy and saves natural resources!

Written by: Kortney Kopchick, Earth Science Teacher
Posted: Sep 04, 2012 by Deb Christensen

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