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Past Achievements Encourage Future Goals

Rocky River accepting the Global Partners School Award.

This new school year brings promise that great things will continue to come to Rocky River. The students and staff worked hard the previous school year and earned several well-deserved recognitions. By going global the school has acheived Global Partners School status and Mrs. Todd has been awarded with the Global Teacher Award. The school has also been awarded the title of a Title I Reward School. With these accomplishments the students and staff look forward to this new school year with new goals in mind. 

Teachers plan to continue their global teaching practices and offer their students a global education.  Each grade level studies a continent and each classroom picks a country from that continent to study.  Students learn about environment, culture, language, food, and much more!  Some teachers are able to skype with school's from other countries and the students are able to learn about how kids their same age live in countries like England or Australia.  The school's goal next year is to win the top honor of being a Global International School.

Rocky River was one of three schools to earn the title of Title I Reward School due to increase in student achievement and growth.   A “reward school” is a school that, based on the most recent data available, has been identified as among the highest ten percent (10%) of all Title I schools in one of two categories. A reward school is:

• a Title I school considered to have sustained the highest performance on student achievement over a number of years; or

• a Title I school that has made the most progress in improving student achievement over a number of years.

Rocky River has been named as a school with high growth! 

At Rocky River we have been focused on academic achievement and growth of our students. We will continue to pursue this path with our shared mission of assuring high levels of learning for all. The staff of Rocky River has set measurable goals to increase our composite performance from 86 percent to 90 percent on grade level. Even more than the proficiency standard our goal for student growth is that students will surpass a year’s growth in a year’s time, if they are below grade level. We will accelerate the learning of our students. It is imperative that all students are closing the gap and reaching grade level proficiency. Our partnership focus this year with teachers for instructional growth will help staff build on the strengths of colleagues and to give feedback not just from administration but from one another. We will meet our goal of assuring high levels of learning for all, including the staff and faculty of RyR by seeking to continuously improve our practices. 2012-2013 is going to be a spectacular year for Rocky River Elementary students, staff, parents and community!





Written by: Heather Shulman
Posted: Sep 11, 2012 by Heather Shulman

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