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Counselor’s Corner by Monica McGinniss

Shiloh Staff work together to help our community. Pictured left to right: John Snyder, Teresa Hansen, and Monica McGinniss

Hello Shiloh families! There are two boxes located in the front foyer. We are collecting canned food, as well as any other non-perishable items for local families. We donate this food to Mt. Harmony Baptist Church. They help support many families in our community. Thank you to those who have contributed. Your donations are greatly appreciated!

On another note, I am so excited this year to have a counselor intern from the UNCC Masters of Counseling Program. Her name is Heather Karriker. You may hear your children say that Mrs. Karriker worked with their classroom during a guidance lesson. We are off to a great start this year. I have completed a four week lesson unit on bullying for our fourth and fifth grade students. I want students to learn the definition of bullying: when a stronger, more powerful person hurts or frightens a weaker person on purpose, repeatedly. We discussed the three different types of bullying: physical, social/emotional, and cyber bullying. We learned how to report bullying to an adult, and what types of actions help to make it stop. I really wanted children to understand the difference between someone being unkind, or not nice, and bullying. We discussed ways to handle conflict among our classmates and friends when others are not being kind. I shared with the students that we only have the power to change ourselves, not other people. This a great time in their lives to learn this lesson, since I think as adults we still struggle with that point! I also wanted students to understand the importance of reporting bullying and using their voices to be heard. The power is given to the bully if they do not share what is happening to them. Please continue to share this information with your children. I hope they will remember what we discussed!
In the K-3 classrooms we have discussed the character word Respect. I believe that if we all respect ourselves, and others then bullying will not occur.

During the 2nd quarter I will be back in the classrooms teaching lessons on how to set goals. We will use the information from their 1st quarter report cards to set realistic and measurable goals for the 2nd quarter.

Please feel free to call or email me with any concerns you may have regarding your children. I am so happy to be at Shiloh and look forward to another great school year!

Written by: Monica McGinniss
Posted: Sep 13, 2012 by Mark Greene

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