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Keziah Named UCPS EC Teacher of Excellence

Ms. Sarah Keziah has been named the 2012 UCPS EC Teacher of Excellence.

Congratulations to our very own Ms. Sarah Keziah who was named UCPS EC Teacher of Excellence in a surprise announcement during a staff meeting September 12, 2012. The award was presented by Dr. Lori Cauthen, UCPS Director of Exceptional Children, and Ms. Janie Webb, the UCPS Assistant EC Director.

Ms. Keziah was nominated for the award by the CHS administration. Assistant Principal Randy Boob said, “I have had the privilege of being the Special Needs Administrator and colleague with Ms. Keziah for 6+ years covering two high schools. During those 6 years Ms. Keziah has had the challenge of bringing an amazing variety of core curricula to our students. She has been asked to deliver all core math/algebra classes, all core science classes, take on the HQ issues of Moodle Online and the “teacher of record”, the evolution of our OCS core courses through NCVPS, and took the point for us on Compass Learning. Ms. Keziah does not use the word “no.” She has always responded to every situation that we have had to face together with, “I think we can… just give me a minute to work on it.”

Principal Kim Warr said, “Ms. Keziah is a passionate teacher who works hard to extend her teaching beyond the classroom walls, holding students accountable for their learning and the choices they make. Ms. Keziah is so deserving of this prestigious award.”

Keziah earned her undergraduate degree in Health and PE from UNC-Greensboro and a Master’s degree in PE from Appalachian State. She obtained her EC certification at Winthrop University and has spent twelve years in the EC department. She has worked at the Wolfe School, Monroe High School, and Parkwood High School. She is currently in her third year at Cuthbertson High School. “I love it here!” she smiled.

Keziah said of her award, “I was shocked! It really caught me off guard – I really didn’t expect anything like that!”

Mr. Boob said, “When you visit her classroom you will see the textbook example of how a truly blended online room operates (amazingly engaged between online, face to face and hands-on supportive activities) plus combining resource support to boot! The excitement on our students’ faces and the swelled up pride in our parents’ faces when they achieved their first ever “level 3” scores in Algebra and Biology; then to repeat this six times over since then, just makes her remarkable.

“Whenever I have asked, ‘Sarah, how do you keep going?’ she simply replies, ‘Because they deserve it, Randy, they really deserve it.’ That’s Ms. Sarah Keziah.”

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Sep 13, 2012 by Paula White

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