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Like Never Before: New Improved Lunch Choices!

Students enjoying their lunches.

Parents, we have good news! This year all students will experience new choices in our cafeteria lunch line. UCPS Child Nutrition has revamped student meals. There are new revitalized, healthier choices for students. When students go through the line, several benefits are available for our students. Students are provided an opportunity to make food choices which I envision transferring into other settings. This also provides the students in some instances, the chance to experience new foods. The cafeteria will also, on selected days, provide free samples of new food items for all students. The process of making their own food selection will, in time, become a natural process for students at school, home, in restaurants, and in other settings. Parents, please remember that you can place blocks on your children's cafeteria account to prevent them from making additional and / or any purchases.  You may also access your child's cafeteria account at www.lunchprepay.com.

Our Cafeteria Manager, Mrs. Rita Keziah, sends notices home to students that have a negative balance.  You may also contact Mrs. Keziah at 704 843 3632, to check your child's account as often as needed. 

I have observed this process and find it beneficial.  Students are experiencing that they have choices and that their opinion counts.  Thank you for working with Western Union Elementary to provide life lessons for our students.  We are never too young, or old to learn. 

Written by: Rita Webb, Principal
Posted: Sep 19, 2012 by Carrie Johnson

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