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United For Change

Jen Foley's AIG students organized the student donations for the United Way campaign. Pictured from with her from left to right are Mynor Lopez, Elmer Acosta, Gabriella Lowery, Jennifer Foley, Francis Mandujano, Siniah Howard and Steven Silva.

The students at East Elementary School discovered that small contributions make a big difference when everyone works together. East Elementary School just wrapped up its annual United Way fundraising campaign, and this year, students participated in the donations along with the school staff. The student part of the fundraiser, organized by Jennifer Foley’s AIG reading class, was called United for Change. These boys and girls encouraged their fellow students to bring in loose change and coins to support the Boys and Girls Club of America at Monroe Middle School, an afterschool program supported by the local United Way. Many of the students at East Elementary are in the Boys and Girls Club and travel to Monroe Middle School each afternoon.

The AIG students promoted United For Change by putting up posters and creating a commercial for the daily school news broadcast. Each morning for one week, from August 30th through September 6th, they traveled to every classroom in the school, collecting donations. Siniah Howard, one of the students who collected money, said, “The students helped and really cared. One second grader donated a ten dollar bill in an envelope. I was shocked that he gave so much. Another student donated money she had received from the tooth fairy!” As an extra incentive to give, the students were told that the grade level who raised the most money would win a popcorn party. In the end, it was PreK / Kindergarten students who won the popcorn party. Fifth grader Gabriella Lowery observed, “The littlest students were very generous. We were expecting change, like a few coins. One kindergartener gave a five dollar bill.”

Overall, the United Way campaign was very successful. The students raised a total of $221.01 through United for Change. Tamara Pederson, a literacy support teacher at East who organized the campaign this year, had this to say, “I’m so proud of our students and their eagerness to help others through donating to the Boys and Girls Clubs. Lots of kids will benefit from their generosity. East Elementary staff was generous as well, with nearly a $1000.00 increase in donations and almost 35% increase in participation. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of our United Way campaign.” Judging from the results of the campaign, it appears that East Elementary School really is “united for change”.

Written by: Siniah Howard and Gabriella Lowery, 5th grade students
Edited by Lisa Bush, Library Media Coordinator
Posted: Sep 19, 2012 by Lisa Bush

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