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September 11th Quilt: We Can Make a Difference

The anniversary of September 11th was a reminder for Poplin Elementary School students to honor volunteers and think of ways they can volunteer themselves. It was a day that students in Janis Vogt’s Second Grade class focused on “I Will” statements during a writing activity.

Students expressed compassion and understanding for others through their “I Will” statements. “I will read to a special needs kid in my neighborhood,” wrote Tristan Stitt, a second grader in Vogt’s class. Stitt and his classmates shared ways they can help people in their lives and community as they brainstormed their “I Will” statements. Another second grader, Jillian Vargas, wrote “We have a bag of clothes and toys to donate.” Other ideas included mowing a neighbor’s yard, picking up trash, helping a friend with homework.

After writing their “I Will” statements, the students pieced together the papers and created a 9/11 quilt. “We realized we can do things for others that don’t cost money, just time,” said Janis Vogt.

Written by: Beth Medlin, Media Coordinator and Janis Vogt, Second Grade Teacher
Posted: Sep 20, 2012 by Beth Medlin

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