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Antioch is an International School for Two Years in a Row!

Pictured: Mr. John Collins, Ms. Christians, Mrs. Dillon, Mrs. Gwinn, Mr. Barrett, Mrs. Robinson, and Dr. Ellis.

For the second year in a row, Antioch Elementary was awarded an International School. Only 10 schools in the county were honored with this award this year. The award was given to us in a district-wide presentation, and a huge thanks goes out to our Globalization Committee members from last year. To obtain this honor, schools had to submit documentation of all the wonderful things we did last year concerning globalization. Our Globalization committee, which consisted of Lynn Mode, Lacey Clarke, Adam Barrett, Meg Nance, Lisa Schilling, Cynthia Simpson, Renski Christians, Kathy Gwinn, and Veronica Robinson, worked hard to achieve this honor.

Our school studied five countries last year as a school:  Greece, India, Mexico, South Africa and Ireland.  Mrs. Dillon thought the school-wide studies were great.  "It was interesting to see how each grade level took different aspects of each culture and incorporated it into their instruction.  The staff at Antioch really seems to value and understand the importance of global education.  It is my hope that the students will see that while there are so many differences, there are just as many similarities,"  Mrs. Dillon commented.  Mr. Barrett, a district Global Teacher, felt that the India study was wonderful.  He said, "It was great to get that group of parents and students involved in showing their culture.  It was astounding to see them so full of pride" for their country.  Mrs. Schilling took charge of a major fundraiser called our BOCA project last year.  She felt that this was the project that meant the most to her.  "Collecting pennies for the BOCA project was great because the students were involved, our Giving Gators helped out, and it involved the whole school."  In her classroom, though, she said that the students enjoyed doing the math and reading posters relating to the 5 countries they studied.  Ms. Christians, our VIF teacher, loved the fact that we studied her home country, South Africa.  Her parents came and had a staff development about the country to our staff.  "That meant a lot to me being my birthplace," she said.  "Another highlight for me last year was getting to teach all the 5th graders about New Zealand and then being able to watch them teach the rest of the school."  She was surprised how enthusiastic the students were to take on this challenge.  Mrs. Simpson loved the Greek Olympic Day.  "I think the students are beginning to see it as a part of their learning.  It started as something extra, but now it's another way of looking at their learning."  Mrs. Gwinn absolutely loved teaching all the students in the school about the 5 countries in her global classes.  But, she like Mr. Barrett, thoroughly enjoyed seeing the parent involvement.   

Written by: Kathy Gwinn, media specialist
Posted: Sep 20, 2012 by Kathy Gwinn

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