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MRMS achieves Global Partner School designation

John Collins, Board of Education Chairman, presents a plaque to the Marvin Ridge Middle School globalization team.

UCPS recently recognized forty-eight schools and 14 teachers for their global awareness, teaching practices and global philosophies. Ten schools attained the highest designation of International School, for which the school had to achieve 85 points or higher on the Union County globalization rubric. These schools were awarded a large banner that will be hung outside the school and a plaque to commemorate the honor.

Marvin Ridge Middle School achieved the designation of global Partner School, the second highest global school honor, by scoring between 60 and 84 points.

Thea Rossano, a sixth grade Social Studies teacher, led the globalization team at MRMS with assistance from Paula McGuire, Tom Cunningham, and Anne Berryhill. This team helped guide teachers toward global resources, highlight the global efforts of our school and harness the enthusiasm of students in a Globalization Club aimed at bringing awareness of the global world to our student body.

Hailey Scotto said she joined the Global Ambassadors Club because she is interested in making the world a better place.  "People in other countries do not have  many of the things we take for granted so I wanted to do something to try to help," she said.

"This year our focus will be on sending care packages to Peace Corps volunteers serving in third world countries," said Thea Rossano.  Last year, some of the main efforts included sixth grade students communicating with classes around world as pen pals, classes Skyping with a student in Asia, students raising funds for Heifer International and learning how that organization helps families in third world countries and the annual MRMS community International Festival.  Beyond this, globalization became a thread woven through all the learning within the school. 

“People sometimes just think of globalization as learning about the world, but UCPS goes far beyond that,” said Deputy Superintendent Dr. David Clarke. “We’re preparing our students to be able to compete in the world. We’re preparing them to be better communicators, better collaborators, to think critically, think creatively, to problem solve and also to develop a global conscience.” 

UCPS Superintendent Dr. Mary Ellis joked that globalization has changed since she graduated from Piedmont High School in 1976. “Globalization in that day and time was ‘I went to Piedmont and you went to Parkwood,’ ” she quipped.
“There was no social media, no email,” she said. “Now people know instantaneously what’s going on. Back then, people had to get in their cars or call on the phone to share news.”

Ellis reinforced the importance of teaching children with the global picture in mind.
“Globalization is playing an increasing important role in our lives,” she said. “We’re preparing children for jobs that haven’t been invented yet; but we can teach them to think critically, to solve problems and to be accepting of other cultures.”

The annual global recognition ceremony held in Monroe on August 23, honored globally-aware schools and teacherswith ten schools achieving the highest designation of International School. The school to score the highest number of points (for the third consecutive year) was Cuthbertson High School, with 92 points.

Marvin Ridge was not far behind receiving the Global Partner School designation by scoring between 60 to 84 points. Twenty-one other schools in Union County also received this honor. 

A Global Affiliate School had to score between 45 and 59 points. There were twelve Global Affiliates. A Goodwill Ambassador School had to score between 35 to 44 points. Four schools were given the Goodwill Ambassador label. 

Written by: Deb Bledsoe and Brita Mann
Posted: Sep 24, 2012 by Brita Mann

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