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Houdini Appears at Rea View ASP

The expressions say it all as children at Rea View ASP are amazed by Houdini's magic.

Conjuring is defined as “sleight of hand used in performing magic tricks” and children at Rea View Elementary witnessed a fine example on Friday, September 21. The magician Houdini, whose alter-ego is Modie Risher, visited the site and amazed children and staff with his magic and dexterity.

Cookie Mullis, program coordinator at Rea View, invited Houdini to Rea View for the Bank Day after seeing his performances during Summer Camp. “The show went beyond what we expected,” said Mullis. Not only did Houdini entertain the children, he also made them active participants in his performance. As two children held ends of the same rope, Houdini cut the rope, tied a knot in it, then slid the knot off one end of the rope, and the rope was in one piece again. He demonstrated how people should not be alone by having a bird fly into a bird house, and then suddenly, there were two birds in the house. Houdini rolled up a newspaper, had a student pour a cup of water into the newspaper funnel, then unrolled the paper to demonstrate that the water was gone…only to appear again when Houdini rolled the newspaper back up and poured the water back into the cup. He also changed one penny into $.90 and changed a $1 bill into a $5 bill!

The staff enjoyed the magic, but also enjoyed watching the children’s faces. The students sat throughout the performance with their eyes wide open and jaws dropped, trying to determine how the magic was accomplished. After the performance, Houdini treated the group to music, cotton candy and icies.

According to Mullis, the magic was "amazing" and the high energy Houdini brought made his performance even better. No one would be surprised if Houdini magically “re-appears” at Rea View in the future!


Written by: Karen Smith
Posted: Sep 25, 2012 by Karen Smith

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