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Pre-Kindergarteners Are Off To A Great Start

Prekindergarten student Lissette Castrejon uses the interactive whiteboard to recognize numbers and quantity by moving objects across the board into the virtual shopping bag.

The first quarter of the school year is behind us, and prekindergarten students are off to a great start. Their classroom is a constant flurry of activity. "Every year presents a challenge, and for that reason we are excited that our children have come to school ready to learn" says Jacqueline Morris, PreK teacher at East Elementary School. Morris' students are finalizing a unit study called "The Market". "It has been rewarding watching the students become independent thinkers and forming good work habits," stated Morris.

The supermarket unit involved a variety of learning activities. The students were encouraged to sort and count fruits and vegetables in the manipulative center, and they had fun exploring positional words as they traveled through the block center in search of the market. Most days, the classroom carpet was adorned with assorted beans from the sand table that the children used to measure small, medium, and large. They also used books to help them better understand those concepts: The Surprise Garden by Zoe Hall, I Am an Apple by Jean Marzollo and The Enormous Watermelon by Brenda Parkes and Judith Smith. "We have focused on the letters G and M, representing the words garden and market, and are continuing to help our students recognize letters in their names," Morris commented. "You'll find the children strolling through aisles at the supermarket in dramatic play. They even use a shopping cart to load up fruits and vegetables before reaching the cashier."

The children also used the interactive whiteboard to play games from Promethean Planet to learn about the grocery store. "Leah's Trip to the Grocery Store" was one such game, an adventure in matching and grouping. Grocery Shopping: Numerals 0-10 is another fun Promethean board activity that helped the children learn number recognition and quantity. Ms. Morris enjoys using the Promethean board in her classroom. “There are many activities to choose from on Promethean Planet." says Morris. "For example, there are activities about the life cycle of an apple. This unit has been fun to teach and watch.” To wrap up the unit, the class plans to take a field trip to a local grocer. The next unit of study will be about community helpers.

Written by: Jacqueline Morris, PreK Teacher
Posted: Sep 26, 2012 by Lisa Bush

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