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Creating a Flag Full of Meaning

Students' finished flags are proudly displayed outside their classroom.

In an effort to make our students more aware of other countries, we decided to study the history and evolution of not only the U.S. flag, but the Irish flag as well.

After researching the history of the flags and the meaning behind the colors and designs used, the students broke up into small groups to create their own flags for the school. The students spent a few days planning and designing their school flags collaboratively in small groups. They sketched their flags and decided on colors and designs that represented something about our school.  Each group also composed a short narrative explaining the colors and designs of their flags.

I was impressed with the diligence and maturity they showed during this project. After completing their flags, they presented them to the class. The students were very pleased with the results and we have proudly displayed them outside of our classroom. By designing school flags full of meaning, they really showed their understanding of how flags aren’t just for looks, but represent a lot more.

Written by: Laura Poland, Third Grade Teacher
Posted: Sep 26, 2012 by Dana Sullivan

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