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Second Grade is all aflutter!

Each year our second graders are fortunate to study and grow butterflies. Each classroom is afforded a science kit containing a butterfly house, magnifying glasses, and a book. Over the course of several weeks students are able to study the life cycle of a butterfly. They enjoyed watching it change from a larva, to a pupa, and finally emerging into a butterfly.  Classes released their "Painted Lady" butterflies in the Learning Garden.

Using classroom books, library materials, websites, and hands on experience these students have become very knowledgeable on the life cycle of a butterfly.  They have found that caterpillars love to eat milkweek and parsely.  Butterflies need nectar, water, and a sunny rock to rest on.  As luck would have it our Learning Garden just off the blue hallway provides everything these butterflies need. 

Students learned about the migration of the butterflies from Canada to Mexico.  Students watched a video as well as read a book called "Journey of  Butterfly".  They traced the migration on maps and wrote articles reflecting the butterflies flight.

The second graders love this science unit and are always so enthusiastic to not only learn from books but to experience it hands on.  Next on the science agenda....tadpoles! 


Written by: Heather Shulman
Posted: Sep 27, 2012 by Heather Shulman

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