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Science Teams

1st grader Alyssa and 4th grader Spencer share important ideas about leaves.

Mrs. Bisson’s fourth grade class and Mrs. LaFave’s first grade class have come together to form teams of students to strengthen nonfiction reading and writing skills through science. The fourth grade student teachers are sharing science magazine articles with their younger buddies.

The first grade students are having discussions about nonfiction text features, main ideas and sharing the most important ideas that they learned. After reading the articles the fourth and first grade students work together to write a summary focused on what they both thought was important information from the article.

It was exciting to see how engaged the teams of students were as they worked together. We believe that the science teams will be wonderful learning opportunities for both the fourth and first grade students.

Written by: Kim LaFave, First Grade Teacher
Posted: Sep 28, 2012 by Marni Menkin

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