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My favorite part of the barrier island trip would have to be the seining. All of the classes were fun but seining was the best one in my opinion. It is very fun, you get to go out into the ocean and find some creatures you've never seen, never heard of, or even knew existed.  You pick if you want to go in the deep end or the shallow, I chose the deep in. When you go out, you have to keep the wooden pole on the bottom of the ocean so you can catch fish instead of them swimming up under the net, which is hard because there is a weight on the bottom of the net.  When you are up to your belly button you have to turn around, but still keep the pole on the bottom.  Then you flip the net when you're at shore. Then you quickly throw the fish back except one kind of each fish. Then the naturalist will talk about them. Some things we caught were Blue crabs, Silver fish, shrimp, minnows, one puffer fish, and a sea cucumber. That's my article hope you liked it.

Written by: Austin Love (5th Grade)
Posted: Oct 02, 2012 by Karen Carter

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