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Kolam Activities With 5th Grade

 Kindergarten VIF teacher, Mr. Suresh Swaminathan put together a wonderful group of activities for the 5th grade students to enjoy making kolams.

Kolams are decorative patterns on the doorsteps in homes across India. These patterns are called kolams in South India and rangoli in North India. They are abstract patterns made out of flour, rice or flower petals. The ideology behind kolams is to create a vibrant atmosphere in homes. The items used in making the kolams can be used as food for birds and therefore 'recycled' materials. More decorative designs, some purely abstract, others with religious symbols, can be seen on a grander scale at weddings and other cultural festivals.

Mr. Swaminathan taught the group of students a new word, "namaskaram", which means "the light in my heart sees the light in your heart" or simply HELLO!

Students broke up into 5 groups and worked with adults to create their own kolams with various types of materials all while traditional Indian music played in the background. After the activities the students were given the opportunity to view each group's work of art. The activities closed with a viewing of traditional Indian dances on video. 

A huge thank you to Mr. Suresh Swaminathan, Mrs. Abirami Swaminathan, Mrs. Lalitha Jayaraman, Mrs. Lalitha Mohanram and to our parent volunteers, Mrs. Joyner, Mrs. Rauch, Mrs. Taylor, and Mrs. Takah.

Please check out our Facebook and YouTube accounts to view photos and videos of the activities.

Written by: Janice Deane
Posted: Oct 03, 2012 by Janice Deane

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