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British Tradition Comes Alive at Sandy Ridge

Fourth grade celebrated their first day back at school in true British style by taking high tea with their new VIF teacher from Scotland in the UK. This age old tradition is common practice around the UK this year as they celebrate the diamond Jubilee of her majesty the Queen Elizabeth II. Mrs Macniven brought the Union Jack themed cake stands in her luggage when she traveled to the USA in August. She is here to share her culture with her class and to learn new teaching and learning experiences. The High Tea was a huge success and not only with her own class and parents.

Her fourth grade students have been eager to learn about the cultures, customs and traditions of Scotland and the UK and they have been keeping Mrs Macniven aware of theirs too. The mystery that most of the students have been most interested in so far is whether the Loch Ness Monster is fact or fiction and they will be exploring this issue in true detective style, by examining all available evidence as one of their cultural activities this year!

Mrs Macniven is very excited to be here and has been overwhelmed by the support and warm welcome she has received from her students, parents and colleagues at Sandy Ridge Elementary School.

Written by: Mrs. Macniven
Posted: Oct 04, 2012 by Jeff Aten

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