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Mrs. Pendleton's fifth grade students are global researchers

Darrien Hinton and Naomi Zanatta-Garcia discuss details about their project.

 As part of 5th Grade’s Global Gateway Program, the students completed a Global, Project Based Inquiry.

They were given the key question ‘How does Climate affect Culture?’ The students then put their minds into question mode and pulled apart what the question was asking them. They brainstormed the words ‘Climate’ and ‘Culture’ They found climate to mean weather patterns over time, and culture to be the beliefs, values and way of life of an area.

Following the debrief session; students looked at the different biomes around the world. They then broke off into sub groups, each group concentrating on a particular biome and country within that biome. Kenya’s Grasslands, Algeria’s Dessert, Antarctica’s Tundra and Thailand’s Rainforest. The students used the media center, non-fiction books and internet to research their biome and country, always thinking about the Key Question. ‘How does the climate in their country affect the culture?’

The students were so passionate and enthusiastic about their research, lots doing extra research at home and sharing with their group. When they had compiled their research they had to prepare a poster to present their findings to the class. Posters contained information about their country’s climate, traditions, vegetation, landforms etc and also answered the Key Question.

After finalizing their poster students presented their reports to the class, showing their expertise in their own field. Natahan Walton summed up, in his closing speech. “The Rain is so heavy in Thailand’s Rainforest that the houses are built on stilts to stop water flooding their property.” Whilst Savanaah King said she thoroughly enjoyed the research and now understands why there are no people native to Antarctica because of the cold, harsh climate.

The student’s posters will be on display in the school entrance hall for the month of October.





Written by: Allison Pendleton, 5th Grade Teacher
Posted: Oct 05, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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