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Fun was had at the Invest-a-Kid pep rally!

Mrs. Zapka is back!

People were screaming and shouting - The pep rally was here! It was really loud! It was really crazy! Everybody went cuckoo!

The pep rally was for Invest-a-Kid.  There are many prizes to have if you donate the most money.  Each penny counts!  Whoever's class brings in the most money will have an ice cream party!  It is so that kids can invest in their education.  You can ask your parents or grandma and grandpa too.  Do not ask strangers!

Chip busted in on the stage!  He's our school mascot and he's hairy (he's a bear).  He has big, bulging eyes and a puffy tail.  He stole the show!

Mrs. Zapka made a surprise appearance!  Ms. Owens (who jumped up and clapped her feet together) and some other teachers came out holding posters with prizes you can win.  Some of the prizes are thirty minutes of extra recess and electronic day.  If the whole school gets $2,500, we get to silly string Mrs. Proctor and Mrs. Zorn!  If we get $4,500, then we can make them into ice cream sundaes!

At the end, everybody went bye bye.  And how!

Written by: Ms. Owens' and Mrs. Ahlstrom's Fifth Grade Classes
Posted: Oct 06, 2012 by Jodi McConkey

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