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Pirates Head Down Under

Left to right (bottom row first): Kathryn Kelly, Jennie Yearick (teacher), McKenzie LeFlore, Alex King, Susan Driver, Shayna Wullshleger, Jacques Debeuneure, Alex Fisher, Kallie, and Dyland Stratton.

Eight Porter Ridge students accompanied Ms. Yearick on a travel tour to Australia and New Zealand in June of 2012. They spent 3 days in Rotorura, New Zealand learning about the native Maori culture and experiencing the beautiful countryside as well as unique sites such as a geothermal tribal village, active natural geysers, and a sheep shearing farm!

Next, they jumped over to Australia to take in some amazing natural wonders and iconic landmarks along the Gold Coast! The Opera House and Harbor Bridge were stunners and the famous wildlife sightings were incredible--dingos, koalas, and kangaroos all in the wild--a rare treat, for sure! They capped off their tour with a little surfing at Bonsai Beach, whale watching in the deep ocean, and of course, shopping in downtown Sydney. Who could ask for more? Not these lucky nine travelers! Up next....Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales......

Australia Group

Written by: Jennie Yearick, Math teacher
Posted: Oct 09, 2012 by April Dawkins

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