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National Economics Award

Kathy Heyse & Elizabeth Stratton

My name is Elizabeth Stratton. I go to Sun Valley Elementary School (SVES). My 3rd grade teacher’s name was Mrs. Kathy Heyse. She teaches 3rd grade at SVES. Mrs. Heyse is an excellent 3rd grade teacher. I think she teaches economics the best. She teaches it in a very nice way, and she has been doing it for many years.

Economics is all about resources! There are natural, human, and capital resources. Natural resources are things that come from nature that people can use such as trees, water or soil. Everything starts in nature. A human resource is a worker who produces goods and services. A capital resource is a tool or building that a business needs to make and deliver a product. Mrs. Heyse used a box of cereal to teach us how a product starts on the farm and ends up in our cereal bowl. We use scarcity and opportunity cost decisions when we choose things (time, money, supplies, goods and services). We always give up something.

Mrs. Heyse also taught us Mini Economy. We used classroom money. It helps us save, spend, and give our money. Money is a big part of your life, so use some, give some and save some!! Every week, Mrs. Heyse paid us $100.00 because we worked in the classroom. Every two weeks, we had a store. You can save your money for as long as you want. People have to work in order to make money. Once you do your job, you get paid a certain amount of money. I get an allowance at home. I try to use what I learned in mini-economy and spend my money wisely in real life.

Now I will tell you about some activities that we did in the classroom.

1st I had to go through my house and find where many of the goods in my house were produced. (We learned Interdependence.) Most things come from China. We learned about import and export.

2nd When we read literature books, Mrs. Heyse talked about all the economic concepts that were in each book.

3rd We learned how to be good consumers by reading labels, finding how much servings cost in food. We learned about perishable and non-perishable goods. We also learned about productive resources found in goods and services.

4th We learned how to be smart and keep our receipt so we can return our items.

I really enjoyed being in Mrs. Heyse’s 3rd grade class! Congratulations to Mrs. Heyse for receiving The John Morton Excellence in the Teaching of Economics Award - Elementary School Level.

Written by: Elizabeth Stratton
Posted: Oct 09, 2012 by Kevin Vickers

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