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Barrier Island 2012

Learning on the Beach!

During the week of September 16th, Fairview's 5th Grade AIG Students had the unique opportunity to experience environmental science first hand in the salt marshes of South Carolina. For three days, they had the chance to discover costal ecology with all of their senses in an open and encouraging environment designed for them to see, smell, touch, hear and, yes, even taste lessons in biology, ecology, conservation, botany and much more.

Their adventure included four exciting classes: Seining, Let's Sea, Pondering Life, and Claws & Woodstalk. All classes encouraged them to get dirty and learn by investigating nature in its purest form. They had fun seining in the estuary, catching and identifying fresh water life in the pond, crabbing on the crab dock, and learning about the ancient maratime forrest. The highlight of each year comes at the end of the Let's Sea class where students get to walk through the salt marsh and play in the mud!

The campus includes nearly one mile of beach, 100 acres of salt marsh, 200 acres of undisturbed maritime forest, freshwater ponds, and a freshwater swamp.  

Written by: Richard Wikfors
Posted: Oct 10, 2012 by Richard Wikfors

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