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Fifth Grade Studied Ecosystems Around the World

Fifth grade studied the ecosystems around the world. This was a 6-week Science unit where the teachers were able to incorporate global studies. The students enjoyed working in collaborative groups while exploring and researching ecosystems and their countries that they are studying this year. They put together a presentation to share with the class once they were finished with their research.

The students used various research methods to explore and research information for their projects. Each group in Mrs. Tyson’s class was asked if their ecosystem was located in Peru. Here was one of the responses. "Yes, our ecosystem (the rainforest) does exist in Peru; it is mainly in Brazil but it does run into the northeast part of Peru" (Kylee, Jaida, Mackenzie). “The students were able to make connections with the United States and their respective country” Mrs. Zummo.

Written by: Andrea Jackson
Posted: Oct 11, 2012 by Heather Shulman

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