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Walking the Globe

Ms. Gaio's class walks the track!

If you happen to see groups of Porter Ridge Elementary 5th Graders walking the track, marching in line, running around in circles, you might be seeing participants in the 2012 Global Children’s Challenge™ (GCC), sponsored by the Global Corporate Challenge®. “The GCC engages children at a classroom level to record their activity level, keep healthy and take part in a virtual walk around the world [while] learning about health, nutrition, exercise and the places they visit over the 50 days of the event.”  (http://www.gccjunior.org/the-event)

On Wednesday September 19th, students in Mrs. Trull’s and Ms. Gaio’s classes began their virtual journey. Each student received a pedometer and a step book the first day and started counting their steps! From walking to running, jumping on a trampoline to playing sports, the students right away started to get creative in increasing their number of daily steps. “I was watching a football game and they were running, so I thought, ‘maybe I should start running with my mom on the track.’ My mom and I went out to the park with my little brothers,” said Thomas Mobley (one of Ms. Gaio’s high-steppers). “We’ve been going on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays after church.” So far, Ms. Gaio’s and Mrs. Trull’s classes’ virtual journeys have taken their class through Niagra Falls, Toronto (Canada), Hamilton (also in Canada), Disney World, Cape Canaveral, the Galapagos Islands, Angel Falls, the Amazon Rainforest, Cape Town (South Africa), and Fraserburg (also in South Africa). “Angel Falls looks so cool. It is surprising that it is bigger than Niagra Falls,” said Namrta Gandhi from Mrs. Trull’s class. “I’m really looking forward to traveling to the Taj Mahal in India!”
The GCC will end on Wednesday November 7th. Both classes will finish with a party to reward all children’s efforts in participating in the challenge. For more information about the challenge, visit www.gccjunior.org!

Written by: Angela Gaio
Posted: Oct 12, 2012 by Angela Gaio

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