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Why do we collect pop tabs? To help the Ronald McDonald House, of course!

Haylee asks Ms. Harris her question.

Let's go Ronald McDonald House!

A representative came to Sardis to tell us more about the Ronald McDonald House. She wanted us to be able to know more about it. She said that the Ronald McDonald House has fun things to do.  If parents have kids who are in the hospital, they can stay there so they can be closer to their kids and keep them company.  Sometimes siblings come with their parents, so they have things to do.  They have two different playrooms, one for big kids and one for little kids.  Another fun thing to do is play video games and board games, and on the weekend they have very special activities.  They also have board game nights where everyone comes down and plays. 

The longest someone stayed there was nine months, but they usually stay there for a month or two.  It's not a hotel and it has four of everything like stoves, microwaves, and refrigerators.

The whole reason she came was because we're collecting pop tabs to support the Ronald McDonald House.  Five hundred pop tabs would allow someone to stay in the house about fifty days!  Our school is trying to get to our goal of one million pop tabs!

The Ronald McDonald House is like one big family!

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Written by: Mrs. Bloom's and Mrs. Ahlstrom's Fifth Grade Classes
Posted: Oct 13, 2012 by Jodi McConkey

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