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Collards, Cabbage, Kohlrabi and other Garden News

Students learn the art of gardening.

The Waxhaw Elementary Garden Club had its first meeting of the 2012-2013 school year recently.  They learned that soil is an ecosystem, filled with living organisms.  By adding organic matter (such as compost) to it, you enrich the soil, feeding all the creatures in it. Feed the soil and the soil feeds the plant. As the kids were eager to get their hands in the dirt, we were off to place transplants of collards, cabbage and kohlrabi in the ground. Kohlrabi is an Asian vegetable that tastes like the crisp sweetness of apple with the bite of turnip. The Garden Club planted 4 beds with all these cole crops, which love cooler weather and should flourish in the next few months. After watering the new transplants, the kids harvested arugula and radishes that re-seeded themselves from last spring’s plantings.

For those who many not know, Waxhaw Elementary School is a certified SCHOOLYARD HABITAT, a program of the National Wildlife Federation. To qualify, schools must incorporate the four elements of habitat (food, water, cover and places for wildlife to raise their young). These wildlife habitats become places where students not only learn about wildlife species and ecosystems, but also outdoor classrooms where they hone their academic skills and nurture their innate curiosity and creativity. If you’d like more information, see the link below.

Written by: Tanya Loseke
Posted: Oct 14, 2012 by Dana Sullivan

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