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The Importance of Globalization, Innovation, and Graduation

Samantha Bittner shares information on her Kingston University, London summer college abroad session.

Recently, a former Union County Public Schools student, Samantha Bittner, visited Mrs. Bittner’s fourth grade classroom at Western Union Elementary. Samantha presented information to the class that shared the importance of globalization, innovation, and graduation in order to help the students see why it is important to learn. Samantha wanted to inspire students to work hard in school because it is worth it.

Samantha began the presentation discussing globalization. She shared information on her Kingston University, London summer college abroad session. She told the students about campus life in London. In addition, she explained how she was able to meet people from around the world, including British professors and classmates from China, India, Bangladesh, and America. When Samantha was there, the 2012 summer Olympics began. She told the students how she was able to watch a portion of the Olympic torch relay and visit the Olympic park.

Samantha then discussed the importance of innovation. She shared a Civil Engineering drawing that she created using an AutoCAD program. A professor wanted to start a new college course so he designed a class for Samantha to conduct Water Modeling research. She told the students how technology played an important role for her in this research class. She went on to explain how she uses PowerPoint, Excel, and Project for all of her college courses.

The next focus was the importance of graduation and how to prepare for college. Samantha explained to the students that elementary school is the foundation for later schooling and stressed the importance of doing homework. She told the students that in middle school you build on topics that you learned in elementary school and added that it prepares you for high school. When discussing high school, Samantha let the students know that you can select some of the classes and how high school prepares you for college. She informed the students that what you do in high school affects where you will be accepted in college. The students were amazed when she completed a high school mathematical problem for the students which took most of the white board to complete. Samantha then explained that college students have more freedom than in high school but also more responsibility. She let the students know that it typically takes 4 years to earn a degree and it is important to go to class and do homework because how you perform in college can affect what job you will get. She also shared with them that she has been in college for less than 2 and a half years, but because she showed up for class and did her homework she will be graduating this December with her Civil Engineering degree and was accepted into a MBA program. Samantha then shared how you can choose to go to graduate school to earn a Master’s degree or PhD.

The students were then able to ask Samantha questions. Some of the questions students asked included what was it like to live in a dorm, what she is going to do after college graduation, and how long does she spend on homework each day.


Written by: Jennifer Bittner, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Oct 15, 2012 by Carrie Johnson

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