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New location and better than ever!

Students work in the resource room with math manipulatives.

 Resource has a new location and it is better than ever. We are in a central spot so all grade levels have access to room 121 without taking a train or a bus. All we need is a canopy from the mobile classrooms to the main building to keep our 5 th graders dry during the monsoon season. Fortunately, there is a great group of fifth graders whose spirits are not dampened by a little rain. If there is a forecast for snow they will probably have to graph the amount of snow fall and compare it to the last three years of snowfall in Mongolia prior to reaching the Resource Room. Not a problem , Union Elementary students are global learners . We can take that math problem and turn it into a personal narrative or a poem and then make a science project out of the various snowflake formations . With technology we can share the outcomes with our pen pals in the States and South America or perhaps Europe.
As you can see it is not just about reading, writing, and math . Our goals are interrelated and beyond these building walls. This is an exciting time to be a learner and we invite you to climb aboard the Union Express for the best that education has to offer. Check out our PARENT RESOURCE ROOM as you navigate learning with your child. ALL ABOARD!!!

Written by: Cathy Kennedy, Resource Teacher
Posted: Oct 15, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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