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Kindergartners are Sprouting Up Smiles!

The Kindergarten teachers have a dream that each of their classrooms will be growing their own gardens by spring 2013. As of right now, Mrs. Beane has a very productive fruit, vegetable, and herb garden growing outside her classroom. Mrs. Hoffman’s garden is near completion and only needs grass to grow and a picnic table. However, there are still 4 other Kindergarten classrooms waiting for their gardens to break ground. The goal is that each garden will include a raised garden bed to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs in addition to flowers and trees to welcome butterflies and beneficial insects into their gardens. Each garden will also have a bird feeder so the students can begin bird watching outside their classroom windows.

The goal for these classroom gardens is to take students out of the classroom and into the garden where they can incorporate math and science by utilizing their natural environment. Gardening will help improve their fine motor skills and help them appreciate healthy food. Students will help turn the soil, plant the seeds and/or seedlings, water, and weed. Students will learn responsibility by maintaining their gardens and will feel pride as they watch what they can grow and accomplish in just a short amount of time.

Growing a garden can be a costly endeavor. Tools, soil, plants, mulch, bird feeders and seed, and the raised garden bed costs add up quickly, especially when planning (4) gardens. So Mrs. Beane and Mrs. Shulman (Instructional Assistant/self-proclaimed school gardener) have written a grant proposal that they are sending off to many corporations to see if they can help partner with our school and make our Kindergarteners dreams a reality. They also hope to approach local businesses for donations.

This is an exciting project and parent involvement would be a huge help. If you would like to help the Kindergarten team in the planning, implementation of, or installation of the gardens, please contact Mrs. Beane or Mrs. Shulman. We look forward to growing with you!

Written by: Heather Shulman
Posted: Oct 17, 2012 by Heather Shulman

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