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Geography With a Doughy Twist

     During the first six weeks, 4th graders at Porter Ridge Elementary School have devoted a lot of time to learning about the world in which they live. 4th graders are learning about geography in relation to their community, state, and world. The big focus of Social Studies for 4th grade students is North Carolina. However, before we can learn about North Carolina we need to know a lot about our world. Globally, students are able to locate AND label the oceans, continents, and lines of latitude/longitude. As we were learning about our world, the 4th grade teachers made sure they spotlighted their class country. Regionally, students are able to locate AND label North Carolina's bordering states, the mountain chain, major cities, and major bodies of water.
     4th graders got to apply their North Carolina geography knowledge by creating a "Salt-Dough Map." Students used different colors of dough to represent the three regions of North Carolina (Coastal Plain, Piedmont, and Mountain). Students represented the regions by adding some three-dimensional aspects to their maps. They loved forming tall mountain peaks with their dough. Then, they created map keys, drew the four bordering states, labeled a compass rose, and starred the state capitol. The students enjoyed using their hands and getting "doughy" to learn more about the geography makeup of our great state.

Written by: Mrs. Cassie Little
Posted: Oct 17, 2012 by Ben Shealy

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