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Students Direct Morning Show at Sandy Ridge

The students at Sandy Ridge Elementary start each day with a lively student run morning show. Fifth grade students Macy Warren, Maddy Wasulko, and Danielle Cannon have been trained to use Promethean Boards, Digital Camcorder, Powerpoint presentations and Inspire software to broadcast a morning show on Channel 24 at 7:30 each morning. Fifth grade students are given the opportunity to be the student reporter for one week at a time. They sign up to be the reporter through their classroom teacher.

Mr. Jeff Aten, computer teacher at Sandy Ridge Elementary, writes the news for the students to read each day. This includes lunch menus, school announcements, and the highlight of the broadcast, and the Global question of the day. These questions spotlight a different continent every marking period. We began with questions from North America, and the United States. Each morning students are asked a different question and given the opportunity to email Mr. Aten through their teachers email in hopes of being the first one to answer correctly. If their class is the first to answer correctly they are spotlighted on the next morning show. The students love to find the answer to the global question and be given the opportunity to be on the morning broadcast.

Principal Cindy Croffut joins the morning show each day to announce the student and staff birthdays and give important information she might need to share. She also reminds the students daily of their RAMS acronym, to Respect others, Act responsibly, Make good choices, and Stay safe. It’s wonderful for the students to be able to get their reminders and a birthday wish from Mrs. Croffut every day.

The Morning show is directed by Mrs. Melissa LoPresto, Sandy Ridge Music teacher. She manages the students, assists with the planning of the program, and shoots video to be used when needed. When asked about the morning show, Mrs. LoPresto remarked “I am so proud of the students who run the morning show. They are doing a great job and look for new, innovative ways to do the show each day. They have great ideas and I look forward to assisting them throughout the year as we continue to improve the morning show. They are a blessing to work with and I thoroughly enjoy my job at Sandy Ridge Elementary.”


Written by: Melissa LoPresto
Posted: Oct 17, 2012 by Ben Shealy

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