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Kensington Elementary fourth grade AIG students implement Singapore Math

Kensington Elementary fourth graders Kylie Perna and Gabriella Rekas demonstrate their Singapore Math skills.

AIG 4th Graders at Kensington Elementary use Math manipulatives in each of their Singapore Math Units. The theory behind Singapore Math, as well as the idea behind the new Common Core Standards, is to teach students to learn Math thru a multi – step program: Concrete Math to Abstract Math. When students THINK mathematically, we create 21st century thinkers!






Kensington Elementary AIG students Kensington Elementary AIG students
Grace Newman, Lilly Galuppo and other students use cards to enhance their Singapore Math skills. Kelly Bennett and Nathan Jennings get ready to solve a math problem using Singapore Math.

Written by: Jane Staude, AIG Teacher at Kensington Elementary
Posted: Oct 17, 2012 by Cathy NeSmith

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