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5th Grade African Journey

FVES 5th graders researched different southern African countries!

As the 2012/2013 school year gets underway, fifth graders started their African journey by researching a different southern African country. Each class chose their own country to focus on, these countries included South Africa, Kenya, Madagascar, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Students had a chance to display their work in the fourth and fifth grade hall and they all enjoyed the activity. Later on this year, students will be looking at the culture, heritage and history of SOuth Africa whilst comparing it to their own country. AS part of the Global initiative, Fairview will be partnering with a public primary school in Johannesburg, South Africa. They will have the chance to be part of fundraising activities and to be part of a pen pal club with grade 5 learners in South Africa. If there are any parents or community members that would like to have the opportunity to share their own culture or heritage with the school, feel free to contact us. 

Written by: Richard Wikfors
Posted: Oct 18, 2012 by Richard Wikfors

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