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PreK students become techno-savvy!

Students use the Short Throw Projector to count buses.

 Our students are excited to utilize technology throughout the school day. To make learning interesting, using technology does just that. Computers are not the only technology found in the Pre-K classroom. We also have a throw board, CD player and soon will be using Ms. Ross’ iPad!

While using computers, students are not only learning mouse skills and how to type their names using Word, they are also learning to appreciate books and make choices about what book they want to listen to on Tumble Books. In addition they are learning the alphabet sounds by singing along to Dr. Jean’s Alphardy on Youtube.

The throw board is another techno-tool making school cool! Students are building their vocabulary seeing what a camel looks like from the internet. Students are learning how to correctly form letters in their name by tracing a teacher model. Last week after counting buses, they circled the corresponding number. The kids loved it and gave ideas for other things they wanted to count using the throw board.

Students are often heard singing along to the music using the CD player. Their favorites include Alphardy and Sing and Sign on “Sing To Learn with Dr. Jean” while doing actions learning about letters. Students also learn about science topics in books being read while following along in the student book.

Ms. Ross received an iPad for Christmas last year for students to use in herclassroom to make videos and to Skype with another Pre-K class. The students last year loved using it whenever she brought it to school. Their enthusiasm encouraged her to look for more applications. This year she downloaded several more interactive stories including two Dr. Seuss favorites and the Handwriting without Tears application on her iPad to use in the near future.

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Written by: MaryAnne Ross, PreK Teacher
Posted: Oct 19, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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