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Firefighters Visit PRES

 Mrs. Hasty’s Pre-K class hosted “Firefighter Day” during Community Helpers Week. Special guests were Firefighters Brooks Hasty and Ken Brown of the Monroe Fire Department. Both are also volunteers for the Unionville Fire Department, and Ken Brown serves as the assistant chief. There are many hard working firefighters who volunteer to serve our community.

Captain Larry Simpson arranged, with Chief Brown to bring two trucks from the Unionville Fire Department for the students to explore. Firefighter Hasty demonstrated the gear worn by firefighters for protection on the job. He spoke to the students about fire safety, and pointed out the importance of the various tools used on fire trucks. He explained that firefighters also help the community by going to traffic accidents and on 911 medical calls, when people are sick or have emergencies. The students learned that many women become firefighters, so these community helpers are no longer called “firemen”. The siren was sounded for a quick demonstration and students were asked how many wished to be firefighters someday. There were many waving hands in the air!

Written by: Debra Hasty
Posted: Oct 19, 2012 by Angela Gaio

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