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Prospect Students Learn About Life in Nicaragua

Speakers talk about the types of games children like to play in Nicaragua.

Last Tuesday, the first grade classes at Prospect Elementary had the opportunity to hear two speakers talk about what life is like growing up in the country of Nicaragua. The students have been learning about the country and the life of children growing up there over the past few weeks. The speakers entertained the children by talking about the types of games they play and they compared the city and country lifestyles of Nicaragua. Students were surprised to hear that the school children in Nicaragua have to wear uniforms and pay in order to be able to go to school.
The next step for the Prospect students will be to sponsor four school children in northern Nicaragua through donations that they are beginning to collect. This will help the children in Nicaragua afford school uniforms and supplies for this school year. They are also planning on corresponding with these students by sending pictures, letters, and information about themselves to the children of Nicaragua.

Written by: Miriam Keller
Posted: Oct 19, 2012 by Eric Doan

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