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First Grade Visits Aw Shucks Farm

Megan zips down the slide!

We went to feed the animals at the farm! When we got off the bus, we were so excited we screamed, and screamed, and screamed!

We went to ride the hayride.  It was fun!  We went into the woods on the wagon and some of us were scared.  We screamed!

We went in the corn maze.  We saw corn in it.  Jojo, her dad, and Lily got lost!  They went the way the lady said not to.  The class couldn't see them because they went left and straight.  Julie told the teacher.  They got out faster than the other class did!

We went to the big, big slide.  The slide was forty feet long.  It was exciting and dark!  We went two times.  We had to go up a lot of stairs and take turns.  Jojo's dad told us to go down the slide so nobody got hurt and bumped.  Belinda was happy!  It was bumpy and the slide went up and down.  Julie and Kinley didn't go on the slide because they were afraid they would get bumped.  When Hugo went down, he went so fast!  Aaa!  It was awesome!

The playground was fun and it had an up and down slide too.  We played on the football toss and we caught the football.  There were haystacks and we got to jump on them.  There was a treehouse and a girl castle.  When Jojo was on the ladder, she hurt her knee.  The boys had a clubhouse with a tunnel and a log that they jumped over.  The boys didn't let the girls get in the clubhouse so they just went through the tunnel.  They snuck in!

Before we left, we got our pumpkins.  We liked it because the field trip was fun!

Written by: Mrs. Hutchinson's and Mrs. Huntley's First Grade Classes
Posted: Oct 21, 2012 by Jodi McConkey

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