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5th Grade Studies about Oceania

5th Graders Learning about Oceania

In Fifth Grade this year, they are studying the continent of Oceania!  For the 5th grade level teachers, this is their 2nd year of learning about New Zealand. Their team consists of Tiffany McKinney, Kerry Hummel, Nancy DiCenzo, Amber Reep, Elizabeth Batten, Cynthia Simpson, and Renski Christians (VIF Teacher from New Zealand). They have all set up culture corners in their rooms about the region of Oceania which will help familiarize their students with New Zealand's culture and information. They have had a great kick-off to their global studies this year.

So far, each class has covered the basics of location and general facts about New Zealand. "We have also just finished our ecosystem study where the students had to research New Zealand ecosystems and compare one to an ecosystem here in the United States," Ms. Christians stated. The AIG students created great public service announcements for New Zealanders about their ideas on how New Zealand can look after their endangered birds! These announcements will actually be sent to Ms. Christians' old school in Auckland, New Zealand.

As a grade level, the 5th grade classes got together on the last two bank days for 90-minute sessions in the cafeteria to conduct culture sessions.  They have covered unique species in New Zealand which tied into the 5th grade science objectives, they learned about the country's characteristics and what makes the culture so unique!  They compared the differences in language and they have lots more to cover. 

"It was great getting together as a grade level!  The students were excited and enthusiastically taking notes in their global notebooks to share bck in their individual classrooms!," said Ms. Christians.

Written by: Renski Christians, 5th Grade VIF teacher
Posted: Oct 21, 2012 by Kathy Gwinn

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