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All Aboard! Ready! Lift Off!

Mrs. Claybrooks Global Classroom has embarked on another International Adventure. With the help of our 'Learning Community' we have launched our mission successfully because teachers, students and classroom parents are actively involved in our learning projects.
As we continue to learn about The Five Themes of Geography in North Carolina Social Studies (Location, Place, Regions, Movement and Human-Environment Interactions) we are comparing and contrasting our findings to Colombia, South America. Our students are not just thinking like a geographer but they are becoming Global Geographers!
Presently, we are creating graphic organizers in our Social Studies notebooks and compiling facts, recording our findings and using technology to create other artifacts over time. Our classroom parents have assembled Research Folders and Passports. There are pictures, drawings, and reflections posted in our Colombia Folders. But that is only a tip of the 'iceberg.' Each student has been given a Passport. As we travel to one of the five themes of geography and complete our research assignment students will receive a stamp of approval from Mrs. Claybrooks personally. This will take place each time our goal has been met and our mission has been accomplished.
As a Global Geographer, we will continue to broaden our International intellect with knowledge and skills needed to compete in this global society.

Written by: Barbara Claybrooks, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Oct 22, 2012 by Carrie Johnson

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