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Meet Ms. Martin's 5th Grade Class

Miss Martin’s fifth grade class has been very busy this year becoming authors in writing class. Their first writing piece was a Memoir, which is a reflection on an event in their life that has either impacted them or taught them a lesson in some way. This was a wonderful unit to begin the year with as it allowed Miss Martin and her students to get to know each other a little better!
Most recently Miss Martin’s class has begun a new unit on Non-Fiction. Her students are spending lots of time researching a self- selected topic using multiple resources from the library and the internet to become experts. They are also using what they have learned in both reading and writing to help them produce Non-Fiction text features that will go along with their writing. They have learned that these features are extremely important when reading Non-Fiction as it helps the reader understand the new information they are learning. Their final goal is to create a Non-Fiction book that others can read, enjoy, and use to learn about new and interesting topics.
Miss Martin’s class has also recently partnered up with Mr. Brooks 2nd grade class to become reading buddies. Fifth graders truly enjoy being tutors and role models for the younger students. It also gives Miss Martin’s class the opportunity to share some of their reading strategies. Since the fifth graders are the “Senior Class” of Western Union, working with the lower grades gives them a sense of responsibility which helps boost their confidence and gives them the attitude of an “I can” student in class.

Written by: Erin Martin, 5th Grade Teacher
Posted: Oct 22, 2012 by Carrie Johnson

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