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Mrs. Arnold's DHH Class "Goes Camping"

As part of Mrs. Arnold's ongoing Vocabulary Building Curriculum, her students went on a "camping" trip right here at school! A real camping tent was set up in the grassy behind the Media Center. Together with the help of their teachers, the students planned out the menu for their "cookout". They also brought sleeping bags and pillows from home. Everyone was excited to go on their "adventure".

On Monday morning, October 1st, plans had to be changed due to the rainy weather. Nevertheless spirits were not dampened, despite Mother Natures efforts! Folding charis were set up in the classroom along with lanterns and sleeping bags on the floor. The lights were turned off as Mrs. Arnold read to the campers by flashlight while Mrs. Bishop interpreted the stories in sign language.

The campers "roasted" hotdogs on an indoor grill and roasted marshmallows to make s'mores over a stove.  According to happy camper Conor "they were YUMMY!".

After the delicious "cookout" the students went "fising" out the window of their classroom.  A baby pool was set up outside and the fish were plastic, however, the frog Mr. McCoy surprised the students with was real!  Mr. McCoy is our school custodian and was happy to help out the campers with their fishing activity.

Vocabulary words the students learned from this exciting activity included skewer, canteen, hotdog, tent, s'mores, sleeping bag, lantern, and backpack.  This was a great hands-on activity that the students were able to experience and will be something they will always remember.

Written by: Lyndi Patton-Gura and Heather Shulman
Posted: Oct 22, 2012 by Heather Shulman

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